The Gifts We Share

Creating art – any kind of art – can leave one feeling vulnerable and uncertain. Is it good enough? How do I know I am right? What happens if I am missing something?

I know this because of work I have recently been doing to create my own art. Whether you are a writer, teacher, trainer, parent, or leader of an organization you might appreciate this post written a few years back. It reminds us that our perspective is actually part of our art and, ultimately, part of the gift we share with others.

The other day I was reminded of how fully loaded the concept of Shine is for me.

My realization came during a conversation with an artist who I spent three days tracking down, so I could commission a painting similar to one I purchased a year ago.

I was excited to finally tell Elaine of my dream to have one of her paintings over the fireplace mantle in our kitchen.  My request was simple:

“Paint it on a canvas whose dimensions are 38 x 38,

use colors similar to that of the first painting, and

let your work be inspired by the phrase 'Rise and Shine.”

Elaine wanted more.

“Do you want a landscape?”

“A painting done while looking at the sun through a window?”

“Should it include a body of water?”

Back and forth we went, me trying to convince Elaine what I really wanted was her interpretation of “Rise and Shine”, not mine, and Elaine trying to tell me she wished for more direction.

Then it occurred to me to tell her about the House of Shine.

“I have a website and the entire purpose of the website is to help people connect with their life's purpose so they can use it to brighten their corner of the world.  You know, help people find their passions and then get out of the way so they can do their thing.”

A lightbulb went off for me and, I think, it helped a lightbulb go off for Elaine too.

When we are connected to our life's purpose, we approach our work like artists. Teacher, lawyer, hairdresser, entrepreneur, mother, writer, it doesn't matter.

So I re-explained:

“Elaine you are a living example of Shine. You are courageous enough to live your life's purpose as a painter and, because of that, the last thing in the world I want to do is get between you and your art. Then it would be my interpretation of Rise and Shine and I don't Shine at art. You do. So you see, Elaine, part of the gift you are giving me is what 'Rise and Shine' means to you – a woman who embodies the very spirit of shine herself.

The conversation went much better once we each realized you cannot separate the person from her Shine. It's the combination of the two that actually creates the gift.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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