Extend and Arrange

My favorite experience with DO52 is when the verb I've selected that week screams out, making it blatantly obvious what action I am supposed to take.

I like it less when the verb is subtle and slowly tries sneaking up on you.

Or, when it doesn't even do that and Sunday rolls around and you still aren't sure why you were meant to encounter that verb during that week.

No, I like it much better when I am going about my business, striving to shine, and the opportunity to engage with my verb appears out of nowhere, hitting me over the head with the force of an andiron.

That's what happened last week with my verb, EXTEND.

I was in Charleston, South Carolina spending time with 60 students and some staff members from the College of Charleston. The week was riddled with opportunities to extend all sorts of things.

extended kind words

I worked extended days, waking up at the crack of dawn and going to bed well after the sun had already set.

I happily listened and learned from the students, thereby extending what I know on a variety of topics ranging from pop culture, to leadership, to diversity, and everything in between.

I even thought about extending my time in this beautiful city, so I could take in all the sites and culture.

But, in the end it was my interactions with a young professional that rang out as the perfect way to take action on my verb – to extend an invitation.

Conversations over the course of the week left me feeling like this smart, articulate, and hardworking woman was tired from an overwhelming semester of too much challenge and not enough support. By Tuesday I was convinced she needed and deserved time with a valued colleague of mine who has not only experienced a similar situation, but who also works in the same functional area, and who is a shining star herself.

By Wednesday the andiron was clear. I needed to use frequent flier miles to extend an invitation for this woman to fly to Texas, so she could meet with my friend and have her cup of motivation filled back up.

The meeting will be good for both of them.

And for me too, because when two people who shine join forces, the whole planet shines a little brighter. And we all win.

I love it when the DO52 verb is that clear.

Follow along and see what comes from this week's verb – ARRANGE.

Or could this week's verb simply be the universe's way of getting me to hurry up and arrange flights for the invitation I extended last week?


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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