Community: How Sweet It Is

There are two sides to this story.

Today I will tell one side and then, tomorrow, tune in to see what I have to say about the other side.

The thesis of today's story is Community.

It's a post about the charm of watching boys turn off their t.v. screens to gather in their garages and dream up ways of making money.

It's about the vintage red wagon, loaded down with cups and coolers that they pulled through the neighborhood
and the passers-by who waved, honked and stopped in support of these young men who are coming of age.
It's the idea that for the few hours these boys were outside selling lemonade, they were talking, instead sitting in front of a computer screen by themselves.

And they were greeting strangers and then talking to them face-to-face, instead of anonymously hiding behind the anonymity of social media and reducing all interactions to 140 characters.

This little lemonade stand is a symbol of how enriched our lives can be when we keep it simple and focus on the essentials of community:

The time and inclination to be with others. 

An awareness of the talents and gifts you have to offer.

And a willingness to get out there and be vulnerable, so you can share them.

That's the first side to this story. Tune in tomorrow to see the other side.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 5/1/14 11:17 am by Claudia Beeny in: Community

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