Take The Plunge, No One Is Watching

I am forty-eight years old and I did my first triathlon yesterday.

I would share the pictures but there aren't any

which is actually interesting, because if I am being really honest the primary reason I have never done a triathlon before is because I never wanted anyone seeing me in a swim suit.

I guess I imagined paparazzi were hiding around corners waiting to take pictures of me – scheming and plotting to share them, thereby exposing my less than perfect body,

So I never learned to swim.

And you can't do a triathlon if you won't swim.

Side note: That's a lot of missed pool parties; lots of missed trips to the beach; a lot of excuses for not getting on a boat, learning how to water ski, jet ski, or snorkel. 

Now, forty-eight years + 24 hours later, here is what I realize:

No one was watching

and no one cared, because they were all busy thinking about themselves and their own goals.

There were no paparazzi.

And if there were they would have been photographing people who were bigger and more skilled than I

and other people who were smaller and less skilled than I.

There are no pictures of me participating in yesterday's triathlon, because of the 750 other people registered none of them were focused on me. 

They didn't 'get the memo that I was sure was issued.

Or see the neon signs and arrows that I imagined had to be following me around.

And they couldn't hear the peanut gallery that I was convinced would be sitting in the bleachers, pointing and laughing uncontrollably.

I love that there were no photos of yesterday's event because it reminds me of how silly it is to place limitations on ourselves because of what we're worried someone else will say or think.

So how about you?

Is it reading,


public speaking,

something about your appearance,

your job title,

or your limited education?

What is it you insecure about and how are you letting it keep you from taking the plunge?

Trust me, no one is watching.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 3/17/14 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration,Personal Development

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