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At the House of Shine we'll look for any reason to celebrate.

Even last Saturday's National Tin Can Day. Initially, I think, the day was marked in commemoration of Peter Durand and his patent on the tin can. And, while that might not seem worthy of celebration today, 204 years ago it changed the way our nation thought about and stored perishable foods.

I think that's worth pausing for.

Our approach to celebrating Peter and his ingenuity was to further showcase the utility of the tin can by sharing our own ingenious idea.

Tin can turned DO52 Stick Container.

Currently when you purchase our sticks they come in a fun burlap bag. And we like that because our entire philosophy, of course, is that DO52 is the perfect way to “shake things up.” Randomly select your verb for the week and then watch the word work its magic as you set out “doing' what it suggests. A burlap bag is perfect for shaking things up.

But, if presenting a second storage option gets your DO52 sticks out of your desk drawer and onto your desk then we think presenting an alternative is worth it. The more often you see them, the more likely you are to continue using them.

And not only that, but a container handmade with love turns a set of DO52 sticks into an extra special birthday present, Valentine's Day present, staff development activity, or pick-me-up for someone whose life could use a dose of shine.

There are no rules when decorating.

Freely use paint, stickers, buttons, ribbon, and any other baubles you find floating around your home.

We've even supplied a downloadable so you can have a DO52 label that looks like ours. Just select the one you like best and then cut (designed to fit a Progresso soup can. Sorry, Campbells).

Downloadable Band DO52 Can.pdf

And, if you have everything you need to get in on the fun except your own set of DO52 sticks then click here and find out more.


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director


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