Box of Ssssurprises!

While tonight is all about receiving tricks and treats,

last night was all about giving treats (and even some tricks).

Wednesday nights are a favorite at our house. We're members  at a local club (Read: husband loves golf) and on Wednesdays they host a pasta bar. The boys love it because they can saddle up to the bar and order any crazy combination of pasta and toppings that their creative minds can come up with.

Richard and I love it because the staff members at the club shine! They bend over backwards to make people feel welcome and to accommodate any (crazy) request made of them. And even requests not made, but that they anticipate, because of how they've decided to do their jobs. Like greeting Richard with his favorite drink order seconds after he arrives; adding flat bread to our basket of bread, because they know I like it; or giving Jack a (literal) bowl of parmesan cheese to go with his bowl of pasta.

And they do it with genuine enthusiasm and the hearts of people who know that their jobs are far more about building community then they are about simply serving food and drinks.

So when we had left over snakes from our Hiss, Boo, Bah activity earlier this month, it didn't take long for the boys and me to decide what we wanted to do with them.

We used the snakes, made from the beans of Flame trees, and hot glue to cover a black box. Then we cut a hole in top and filled the box with 32 bags of treats – each treat containing a small gift card, Halloween candy, and spiders, skulls, or snakes.

An accompanying sign, read, “Happy HalloBEENY! Beware, snake pit. Reach in and grab a treat if you dare!”.

Chad, the manager, put our scary box of treats in the break room and for the rest of the evening staff stopped by the table thanking us for our small gesture. Until the very end of the evening when they presented our table with a treat of our own – complimentary dessert for the table.

Pasta night just got better!

Happy Halloween.


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