Yellow Envelope Project: Wilmington

We coordinate the Yellow Envelope Project because the world needs more shine.

And because we know that nothing bad will ever come from filling someone's soul with words of gratitude; affirmations that his contribution to the world is noticed and appreciated.

And because inspiring someone to keep on shining couldn't be easier. All it takes is ten minutes, a yellow envelope (or a white envelope decorated with yellow markers or stickers), and a $0.46 stamp.

And one more reason.

Because even you, who is so busy and distracted and maybe even a little dismissive of the idea, wouldn't mind it if the world was a better, nicer, kinder, gentler place.

And deep down you know that changing the tide is a matter of 1,000 small acts just like this one. And deep in the recedes of your mind you also know that, though you're busy, even you can spare the ten minutes it will take.

So there are no excuses – only a mailing address and a short paragraph telling of Bo's contribution that stands between you and your decision to help power the planet with shine.

“Bo is the Director of ACCESS Wilmington, Inc. and the Miracle League of Wilmington. The mission of Accessible Coastal Carolina Events Sports and Services of Wilmington is to develop recreational programs and partnerships throughout Southeastern NC to facilitate inclusive activities for individuals with disabilities (wounded veterans, the elderly, children) and their families; thus positively impacting their health, wellness and quality of life. He is the one and only employee of this special non-profit where he rallied the entire community with a public/private partnership to build a fully accessible baseball field ( rubberized surface, accessible dugouts all regulation size) and a neighboring playground that is fantastic and fully wheelchair accessible. Bo also hosts a Saturday morning radio show where he celebrates the “shine works” in our community in interviews with local guests giving them a platform from which to spree their shine! He has truly found his shine, regularly shares it with others, brings out the best in people and the community and of course is relentlessly passionate!”

Jot a short note thanking Bo for making Wilmington, North Carolina a nicer place to live for wounded veterans and other disabled people in the community. Or maybe your note will acknowledge the energy and commitment he is expending on his radio show, so that he may showcase others who shine. You decide

Once done, address your envelope to:


341 S. College Road, #11

Wilmington, NC 28403

No return address necessary. How about placing the letters YEP (Yellow Envelope Project) in its place?

Then you can get on with your day knowing that I wrote a letter too and, because of us, the tide in Wilmington is slowly changing.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 9/11/13 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Yellow Envelope Project

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