Shine Girl

I think the best way to describe Diana's Shine is to tell you about the time she took an Arabic class at the University of North Texas and, as a treat for her teacher and classmates, decided to bake sugar cookies.

In the shapes of Arabic speaking countries!

Only, as you can imagine, demand for cookie cutters in the shapes of places such as Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Kuwait isn't especially high and, as such, supply for them is limited.

Actually non-existent in the United States.

So, Diana ordered copper and made her own cookie cutters. And then baked the cookies, decorated them, and presented them to her class.

To say she is a combination of brilliant and creative, with the talent of Martha Stewart, but the fashion sense of Kate Spade, is probably an understatement. She's a thirty-something version of herself and she is a force to be reckoned with.

Which is why I made Diana promise she would not leave her job as my able assistant for the entire life of the five-year grant we were hired to work on at the University.

And, she did stay for all five years. Even though I only lasted one year.

Diana's five-year position ends September 30 and in total Diana-style she has decided to close this chapter of her life and begin her next chapter with an initiative she's calling Shine Girl. It's meant to be symbolic – a tribute to how far she's come and a celebration of what her future holds.

How could I resist getting in on this and, as I said to Diana, riding on the coat tails of her brilliance? So we've created a little partnership and here's what I know:

She'll be documenting her entire Shine Girl experience on Pinterest. And thanks to her, you can follow along on the House of Shine's brand new Pinterest page – Be patient as this slow-adopter gets her bearings.

There will be fashion. She's wearing something yellow every day for the entire month.

There will be inspiration. She'll be sharing fun shine quotes and other nuggets of wisdom.

And there will be activity, compliments of me. For the next five weeks, Diana will open a notecard revealing three things she must do before week's end. The theme of her activities? BE, DO, and SHARE.

Follow along Diana's Shine Girl journey with me. One thing is for sure, it will be far from a cookie cutter experience!

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 9/3/13 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration,Miscellaneous,Personal Development

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