Shine Girl Update

Nothing brings me more pleasure than getting creative.

Except for maybe getting creative with someone whose imagination and ideas are so colorful and vivid, they make mine look like they were created in black and white.

That's Diana. The brainchild behind Shine Girl – a month long challenge to be, do, share, and wear yellow each day for the month of September. Click here for a bit more background.

My contribution to her adventure is small. I provide a little action, by way of three challenges a week: A Be challenge, a Do challenge, and a Share challenge. She does the rest.

Last week's challenges were:

BE GRATEFUL: Using a package of yellow post-it notes, list all the things for which you are grateful. One per sheet. Then cover your wall with them.

DO SOMETHING PROVOCATIVE: Start a conversation in a public location using sidewalk chalk

SHARE YOUR INGENUITY: This month's Shineworks item is felt. Using felt, make something you can wear in two weeks.

Diana took it from there

and, by the looks of it, she had a week that shined.

I can hardly wait to see what fun she'll have this week; the fun outfits she'll sport to work, her interpretation of the activities, and all the other ways she will brighten her corner of the world.

Your guess is as good as mine, except for the activities. Here's a clue about those:




Tune in next week to see what happened or follow us on Pinterest at And ask yourself…Are you ready to take The Shine Girl (or Guy) Challenge?

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director


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