Yellow Envelope Project: Virginia

It's been a while.

I hope that won't deter you from participating. In fact, I hope it fuels you; fuels you because it is proof that when an idea is good it won't go away.

It might lie dormant for a while

or take a break,

but it won't disappear completely,

because people won't let it.

People like you have continued nominating worthy recipients for the Yellow Envelope Project and others have emailed asking when I am going to post the name and story or our next winner.


A quick recap of the Project for those who are new to the House of Shine:

Shining is hard work. You know it because you shine too and you can relate to the feelings of exuberance one day and exhaustion the next. The House of Shine wants to recognize those people who go above and beyond and who, in doing so, make their corners of the world better and brighter places to live.

Not famous people, though.

Or even people who have already been featured in a newspaper, a blog, or a spot on the Today Show.

We are most focused on every day human beings and citizens who do what they do, because shining is in their DNA and they couldn't imagine living any other way. These are teachers, baristas, coaches, store clerks, room moms, neighbors, and friends.

How do we honor them? We flood their mailboxes with anonymous notes of gratitude. Simple notes, sealed in yellow envelopes (or white envelopes decorated with yellow markers, highlighters, or stickers).

The power of this gesture isn't so much about the five line note I write or the short note you write. The power of this gesture comes when 50 or 100 people participate and the recipient's mailbox is suddenly and unexpectedly filled with love, encouragement, and symbols of gratitude.

It's powerful.

Back-to-School season makes Cynthia G. the perfect reason to jump start this long-standing project of ours. Here is what her nominator had to say:

“Cynthia started at our school as a parent volunteer. She came to work in the library every day without pay and without many “thank you”'s from those who work here. She volunteered four years before becoming a substitute and then being hired as a teaching assistant. She is selfless and caring. She is amazing. She is always present. I can count on her for a smile, a hug or a kind word. She is the same with the students. They adore her. She makes work better.”

See what I mean? An everyday citizen who is making her corner of the world a better and brighter place to live. And all we need to do is reinforce Cynthia's efforts by taking ten minutes out of our week to recognize her decision to Shine.

It's simple. Write her a short note or postcard acknowledging the difference she is making in her corner of the world. Thank her for it and encourage her to keep on going.

Seal it in an yellow envelope – or a white envelope decorated with yellow markers – and send it to the address listed below.

No need to put your return address. She gives freely, so we can too. Instead, just use that space to place the words, “Yellow Envelope Project”.

Cynthia G

1600 Hollybush Rd

Dendron, VA 23839

Thanks for writing a note and helping to power our planet with Shine!

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 8/7/13 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Yellow Envelope Project

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