Shine Trip 2013, Day Four

We gave them $100.00 and, in return, Youth of Fire gave us our next set of oracles:

Go North

Stop when a Twitter follower tells you to

Spread Shine by inviting someone to pick out of our grab bag.

No idea what we're talking about? Then click here and get caught up the adventures of our Annual Shine Trip.

Heather obligingly turned left, going North on Beltline, while Cheryl quickly tweeted a request to our followers. Long time follower, Katie, immediately responded with a directive to stop in 2.18 miles (there's that number again).

Frustrated that fate greeted us with a stop sign and a closed gate, we decided it must be because lunch time was closing in on us and what we really wasn't soccer, but to eat lunch instead.

So, while we loved the significance of the yellow sign reading, City of Irving Soccer Complex, we gladly traded it in for the lone yellow umbrella sitting outside of Salsas Mexican Grill.

In we went, red treasure chest in hand, ready to eat lunch and invite someone to select a treat from our box.

Once inside, though, we immediately didn't “feel it”.

Maybe it was the vibe we were getting from our server or the restaurant itself

Maybe it was the feeling we received from the other patrons

Or maybe it was a simply a test of our faith in the process.

Whatever it was, our energy had taken a dip.

But nothing pulls you out of a dip faster than some chips and salsa and the decision to spread some shine.

So we set our sites on a table behind us and ditched our red treasure chest for our yellow sack stuffed with happy face tokens. Bags of three happy faces, packaged in yellow organza bags with tags that read, “The smile you get is the one you give.”

And it worked, because by the time we gave each person their own bag of tokens and answered all of their questions about who we were and what we were doing, Heather, Cheryl, and I were smiling ear to ear and reenergized for the next part of our adventure.

A quick stop at Exon and a chance encounter with Andria set us up with a new set of directives. And Andria up with a Starbucks gift card.

Go 15 minutes then travel three more exits

Stop when it feels right

Claudia decides how to spread shine.

We traveled our fifteen minutes and three exits, all along the way spotting yellow trucks, yellow signs, other yellow symbols. It felt right.

But it wasn't until we spotted a yellow house, with a man wearing a yellow baseball hat, and three children playing in the backyard that we all agreed it was the right time to stop.

And since it was my turn to decide how to spread shine, I immediately thought back to the red treasure chest; the treasure chest still full of treasure, because our fated decision not to open it in the restaurant.

And I am so glad we didn't open it in the restaurant of adults.

Because opening it for the three little boys and watching their eyes get big like saucers, felt exactly like you would imagine spreading shine should feel.

And though the boys didn't speak English, we knew they were happy because their eyes danced and because they took off running with their toys, so they could get busy playing.

And, as it turns out, so they could busy showing their siblings and cousins of their good fortune. And maybe even their friends. And sibling and cousins of friends. And neighbors. And, by the looks of it, siblings and cousins of their neighbors too.

Because within seconds moms and kids – lots of them – came running from the small house in droves, wondering, I am sure, what else these Shine Girls had up their sleeves.

Nothing. That was the problem.

So we thought fast and Heather, Cheryl, and I dove into my trunk where we pulled out more happy face tokens and left one bag with every child.

Shine crisis averted.

And, before we left, the three boys selected three more sticks for us.

Tune in tomorrow to find out where South sent us, what happened at the fire station, and what adventure awaited us in the drive thru…

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director


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