Treasure Box

No matter how much we want to celebrate one another's differences, and I agree we should celebrate what makes each of us unique,

there are some things that are universal.

And the satisfaction that comes from doing something nice for someone else is one of those things.

It's one of the reasons I continue talking about, promoting, and challenging people to participate in the House of Shine's monthly Shineworks Project.

The idea: Use an everyday household item to spread shine in your corner of the world.

Last month's item was a shoebox.

Inspired by our family vacation in Key Largo, I decided to turn my shoebox into a treasure chest.

First I used foam core, poster board, and my hot glue gun to create a domed top.

Then I paper mached the box and added four layers of paint to give it a weathered and antiqued look:

A gently applied base coat of brown spray paint.

A quick wash of black acrylic paint using a sponge,

followed by bronze touches, and

finished off with a tiny bit more black paint, which I applied using a damp sponge.

Once dried, I trimmed it out with black paint and gold studs (which I made using dollops of hot glue and gold glitter).

Now for inside the trunk…

100 scrolls made from brown paper,


edges burned,

and finished off with more gold glitter and a note inside each that read,

“Tell someone why you treasure them”.

We rolled the scrolls, tied them with red ribbon,

and finally our random act of kindness was ready to be shared with our corner of the world.

The setting was perfect.

We settled on the beach area right in front of Pierre's, the restaurant where we had a reservation for dinner.

We wedged the trunk in the sand and then loaded it with

scrolls, handfuls of pens, and bags of gold coins.

Above the trunk, stuck in the palm fronds, we left a poster reading: “Do a Random Act of Kindness, tell someone why you treasure him/her”.

We shook the sand from our hands and then stood back and watched the fun unfold.

As we sat on the balcony above the beach eating dinner, we watched couples of all ages stop and read the sign. Of course there were the cynical few who passed over our offer and kept walking, but most people stopped and took scrolls, so they could write a note later.

From dreaming up the idea, to spending time with my nephew making the project, to watching our gift being enjoyed by so many, this month's Shineworks Project is one I will treasure!

Want to get in on July's fun?

The household item we will be using in July is a wood paint stick.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 7/1/13 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Home & Crafts,Shineworks

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