Attitude Box

When I told my husband I was going to have each of my boys make an Attitude Box, he jokingly asked if that was the box where they could stuff their attitudes when they get one.

“No”, I said, “But that's a good idea for another day.”

Instead, this box is the opposite.

This box, I explained to Richard, Matthew and Jack, is where you store all of the notes, certificates, ribbons, and awards you receive that remind you of your Shine.

Why? Because shining is hard work and some days we might find ourselves focusing more on what's wrong with our situation than on what's right.

When that happens, we can combat our feelings of sadness, confusion, hopelessness, or lethargy by curling up under a blanket, with a warm drink, and digging through the affirming treasures in our Attitude Boxes. Five or ten minutes of reading notes from friends, relatives, teachers, colleagues, or bosses about the difference you've made is sometimes all we need to turn around an attitude.

Pictures of successes


Newspaper clippings, and

short accounts of successful experiences can also work their magic in adjusting attitudes and should, therefore, be liberally collected and stored in your Attitude Boxes as well.

Making them was easy.

Use and old shoe box or shirt box and simply cover it with something decorative. My boys decoupaged their boxes and then I helped them cut out their names to place on top. If their attention spans were longer, I might have had them cut out words or pictures from magazines which they thought best described them.

Other good ideas include:

trimming the edges with ribbon,

adding stickers,

and hot glueing accent items on top, all depending upon how willing your participants are.

Now, imagine you had your own Attitude Box. Open it up, rummage around, and pull out an item you are proud of. Then, visit us in the Comment Section and tell us about it.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 7/26/13 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Home & Crafts,Personal Development

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