When I was in graduate school I immediately took to qualitative research and the idea of triangulation, because as a research technique it seems rigorous and thorough.

Rather than analyzing data and simply drawing conclusions, it meant cross verifying with two or more sources. The idea, of course, was to increase the credibility and validity of the results by studying a phenomenon using multiple methodologies. 

I feel as though my hypothesis that the House of Shine's Yellow Envelope Project is is a powerful tool for spreading shine has been triangulated over the past couple of days.

Here are three data points which helped me arrive at my conclusion:

One. Last week I received an email from a woman who helped flood the mailbox of our last Yellow Envelope recipient. She explained she loved the way it left her feeling and that she “…was hooked on the idea.”

Later I kicked myself for not sharing her email with you and then compelling you to get out and nominate, nominate, nominate someone to be our next recipient.

Two. Inauguration Day I heard Lamar Alexander cite Alex Haley when he said “Find the good and praise it.” On Tuesday I shared that quote with you.

And then later I kicked myself.  Because I missed the perfect opportunity to remind each of you the soul reason the Yellow Envelope Project lives and breathes is to scour the planet for people who shine and then to flood those peoples' mailboxes with letters of gratitude.

Three. On Tuesday the suggestion for shining that popped up on our website was, “Send a note of encouragement to someone you think is a rising star.”

Not only did it sync up with Haley's quote, but the sentiment involved with sending a note to a rising star, absolutely aligns with the behaviors and attitudes we recognize through our Yellow Envelope Project.

And then later I kicked myself again. Because again I missed the opportunity to remind you of the legitimacy of the Yellow Envelope Project as a tool for spreading Shine.

And even though triangulation doesn't require a number four, I have one.

Four. Yesterday I spent quite a while talking with long-time reader, Peggy, about the Yellow Envelope Project and our mutual love of the initiative.

And when I hung up the phone, I promised that, rather than kick myself again, I would hop on the bandwagon and reinforce the importance of this idea.

So, if you consider anything I said as credible or valid then maybe you will consider jumping in on our grand experiment and nominating someone for the Yellow Envelope Project.

Five minutes is all it will take. Click here.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 1/24/13 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Yellow Envelope Project

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