While Santa was busy in his workshop making toys for all the boys and girls,

I've been busy in my own little workshop dreaming up all sorts of projects and crafts.

And even some crafts that can be considered projects.

DO 52 is one of them.

The idea was based on the Project Verb experience I had in Key Largo last summer. Select one verb a day for 30 days and watch the adventure happen. And happen it did. Below are a few examples of my randomly drawn verbs. Click on the verbs and see how I ended up using them.




I decided I would perfect the idea for holiday gifts this year. I did it by:

randomly selecting 52 verbs (one for each week of the year);

dying 1,040 popsicle sticks;

Modge Podging one word to each stick;

and then bundling them into 20 sets, each containing 52 sticks.


I bound them together,

created a brochure explaining the idea,

packaged them in burlap bags,

and mailed sets to 20 unsuspecting and adventurous people who Shine.

Many of you submitted names of people who you thought deserved a set. If you submitted a name, I mailed them a set, so consider following up in the next few days to see how their first week of 2013 is shaping up.

My first verb of the year was “SNEEZE”. Feel free to play along and see what adventure awaits you when you invite the word “sneeze” into your week. I'd love to hear about it in the Comment Section.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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