Yellow Envelope Project: New York

Start your pencils.

We’re off for another month of the Yellow Envelope Project and if it is ok, I am going to hijack this month’s spot to recognize a woman I have never met, but for whom I am very grateful.

Susan was my father’s student 50 years ago at Elmont High School where he taught English. That was my dad back in his hay day.

Back then he was vibrant and enthusiastic; he dressed impeccably in suits every day; and he had a love of teaching that stirred interest in even the most indifferent of students.

Then he retired. And he went out less, and started reading more, and eventually my dad lost touch with what his Shine really was.

His once vivid memories of the students he inspired faded away and were eventually replaced with long days of solitude and a more recent awareness that his 89 year old body is giving out.

Then Susan called and invited my dad to join she and her husbnad for their 50th Class Reunion.

Enthusiastically he said, “Yes”.

And then the next day he called back and said, “No”.

Because my mother reminded him it wouldn’t be safe for him to drive alone at night.

She was right.

But Susan wouldn’t take no for an answer. So she and her husband picked my dad up and brought him to the reunion.

And for one night he was reminded of why his time here on earth mattered. He was surrounded by appreciative students who still share a love for Lord Henry and Don Quixote and, who after 50 years, still report the impact his life had on theirs.

He was reminded that though he has been retired for many years, his spirit is still at work and his Shine is still going strong.

Susan’s gift is impossible to put a price tag on, so I thought I would respond to her thoughtfulness and compassion in the only way I know how. With another gift for which there is no price tag. The Yellow Envelope Project.

Please join me in sending Susan a short note in a yellow envelope (or a white envelope decorated with yellow stickers or markers). Thank her for her act of generosity and for helping another human being reconnect with his Shine. Point out what we know is the obvious; that because she shines, she brought out the shine is someone else.

Place the words, “Yellow Envelope Project” in the top left hand corner and then mail it to the address below:

Susan Reimann
20 Stengel Place
Smithtown, NY 11787

Participating in this particular one would mean the world to me. 

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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