Feed the Roots


I was on my fifth loop around Parr Park before I noticed something was different.

For a split second it took my breath away.

And for the rest of the day it bothered me

And left me feeling sad.

And I wasn’t even sure if I should share my discovery with readers at the House of Shine.

Because two years ago the tree was perfectly healthy and vibrant.

And last year it was parched and withering from the Texas drought.

And then, in less than a year, the tree died

And was cut down.

And now there is a gaping hole where once there was a beautiful tree that lit up the park.

And none of that is happy or shiny.

Then I realized it was my responsibility to share the story of the Pink Crepe Mrytle.

Because the life of the Crepe Mrytle is symbolic of our own lives. And it’s a somber reminder of what happens when you don’t feed the roots.

The roots of your relationship with a husband or wife;

Roots of your relationship with in-laws or friends;

Roots of your own development, whether that be personal, professional, or spiritual; or

Roots of physical and financial health.

The absence of that pink Crepe Mrytle will be felt, in part because of its beautiful presence while it was alive, but also because of the way it so aptly and gently taught us to Shine.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 7/17/12 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration,Personal Development

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