Yellow Envelope Project: Alabama

Thanks, everyone, for holding down the fort – or, as the case may be, the house – while I was gone to Leadershape last week. It feels great to be back.

I am refueled and more convinced than ever that our work with the Yellow Envelope Project is important. Participants of last week’s leadership institute swapped notes, filled with encouraging words and compliments, as though it was their job. I am sure the paper mailbags are among their favorite memories from the week; maybe only second to time spent in their small Family Clusters. With a little luck, beginning today, maybe some of those University of Tennessee – Chattanooga students and staff will join our community. If any of you are out there, Welcome!

And, if short notes of recognition, stuffed in a brown paper bag, can be the high point of a college students’ week, then why should yellow envelopes stuffed in the mailbox of this week’s recipient be any different?!

It isn’t.

Age, sex, race, it doesn’t matter. If you have a pulse, it feels good to be told you are appreciated; that you stand out; that you make a difference in someone’s life; that you are admired for one of your God given talents; or that you are a contribution. It just feels good.

Today it will feel good to Kathy too. Read what her nominator had to say:

“Mrs. Gable is one of the most amazing women I know. She’s my best friend’s mom and has been a nurse for years and years. Her house is always open to those in need and I cannot tell you just how many meals I alone have received over there. She has raised three amazing children and has taken under her wing countless others. She is even fostering my very large rescue dog, Levi. Back in March Mr Gable, her husband of some 30 years or so, passed away in his sleep. I want to do something to cheer her up because it’s been very hard on all of them. Mrs Gable has been a wonderful nurse, a great mom and a constant source of blessings to others. This is a woman who deserves some love, thanks and smiles. Plus, of all things she’s allergic to flowers. So flooding her mailbox with a ton of yellow letters would be PERFECT! Please, please PLEASE help me out by cheering up her day. I know she would love it!”

Let’s close our eyes and imagine that every letter we mail Kathy is one more beautiful flower in a show-stopping bouquet that is to be placed on her doorstep this week.

One letter = One flower.

Participating is easy. No green thumb required. Simply write Kathy a short note letting her know you think she shines. Maybe thank her for the compassionate work she has done as a nurse over the years and for her continued generosity. Remind her that pouring herself into others matters, because people notice. We notice.

Once your letter is ready for delivery, seal it in a yellow envelope (or a white envelope decorated with yellow stickers or markers). Then send it to the mailing address listed below. Remember we like to remain anonymous, so instead of writing your return address, simply replace it with the words, “Yellow Envelope Project.” 

Kathy Gable
6512 Eagle Ridge Drive
Pinson, Alabama 35126


Visit us in the comment section and tell us if you intend to send Kathy a letter. If so, what kind of flower would it be?

Shining off until tomorrow…

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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