Shake It ‘Til It Shines

Happy Friday, Shiners! Cheryl here!

I’ve been saving up a post but I looked up on Wednesday and said, “Holy Frijoles! What am I going to post on Friday?” These things take time. And preparation. And photographs. And a mad dash to the store to purchase products where you see your friend looking at her daughters like they’re about to get left at the store. (Hi Misty!)

But here’s how we got to today’s post.

One day in April, the boys and I were shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond. I was at my usual break neck speed while they stopped and ogled at something in the middle of the aisle. When we caught back up with each other I asked them what they were looking at. Pre-made plastic ice cubes. Those didn’t hold my interest but their neighbor did!

Big. Fat. Straws.

I said, “You know who needs these?”

All in unison, “Mrs. Beeny!”

So we bought them.

And then we got to talking about them. Why did Claudia need a bag of huge straws? Well, how many times have we talked about Shamrock Shakes? And how many times have we talked about the power of the McDonalds straw?

These straws blow those puny McDonald straws out of the shake! These straws SHINE!

But, then we thought Shamrock Shake? Hmm…. What about a SHINE SHAKE?!!?

So here’s what we came up with:

1. run to store and purchase main ingredients of ice cream, bananas, brownie mix, and whip cream. 2. have sweet boy help scoop ice cream into blender. 3. Poor in some milk. 4. Add sugar and vanilla. 5. Add sliced banana.

What you don’t see is we add a lot more ice cream and yellow food coloring to make it really SHINE! And Voila! Shine Shakes! We layered our glasses with brownies on the bottom, Shine Shake, whipped cream, and a cherry on top! (Drew didn’t want any whipped cream so his cherry fell to the bottom.)

Look at how FAT these straws are! You can suck the brownie up through it!!!

But there’s MORE! I know! Stop the Madness, Claudia!!!

Take a look at this picture on the straw bag.

Hmm… Who needs to be on our Shine Shake glass? Who? You tell me who. We’ll cover that in my next Friday post.

So there you have it. How the Shine Shake came to be in our house. Sorry Claudia. We opened your bag of big, fat straws. Our recipe tasted fine but honestly- they were just marginal for our first try. Do you have any suggestions on a Shine Shake recipe? Tell us in the comment section!

Shining off until Monday when we hope you will join us for the Yellow Envelope Project!

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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