Box Up Some Love

Welcome to my Year of Love. Happy Friday! Cheryl here.

Being part of House of Shine makes me very happy. Being able to share creative, funny or inspirational stories with you is part of what satisfies my need to create. But I do wonder sometimes on what to post. I read tons of creative blogs out there and there are many, many more people more creative than me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m creative. I believe that about myself but I’m not always sure what to bring to the table.

When it comes to my posts here at House of Shine, I like to be prepared. I like to have my topic solidified. My execution done way in advance. My photos taken and edited. I like to have my thoughts written out and everything comes together a couple days before my post is scheduled to land out there on House of Shine. It just makes me happy.

This past weekend I began to think about today’s post and how I really didn’t have anything. What will I write about for January 14th? It was a cold, cold weekend here so I thought I would share my first mother-in-law’s (that sounds much nicer than ex-mother-in-law, right?) Chicken and Dumpling soup recipe with you. Something nice and warm and full of love for a cold, dreary day. But, when I went to find the recipe, it was gone and I became discouraged. And then I began to stress. No soup for you!

The weekend came and went.

And on Monday, I still had nothing. On Tuesday, nothing.

On Wednesday, I remembered that I had created these boxes a while back and they’re really easy to make but I didn’t have time re-make another one to show you the steps. It’s just a plain wood box that you can pick up at any craft store.


Paint it. I glued buttons on the top of these because that’s what I had lying around in my craft stash but you could use beads, paper, tiles, Lego’s, game pieces or anything your little heart desires. Valentine’s Day is in a month and this would be a great box to put a treat in and give to a loved one. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Today is Free for All Friday and my question for you is what would you like to see from me in the future here at House of Shine? Kitchen escapades, crafts, or what? Should all my posts be focused around my Year of Love? I’m coming back whether you make suggestions or not so you might as well put your two cents in! And, if you have something else you need brainstorming, let us know and we’ll try to help. 

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to see who our newest Yellow Envelope Project nominee is and join us in letting them know that they make their corner of the world shine. 10 minutes and 44 cents- that all it takes.

Signing off until tomorrow…

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 1/14/11 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Holidays,Home & Crafts

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