Howdy, Yippee Ki-Ray here.

It’s Friday.  Normally, you’d be watchin’ a video right now………you can thank me later.  It’s my birthday week and I’m roundin’ up every opportunity to remind you who’s really the boss around here.  Earlier, my horse, Lightning and I were using my IPad to figure out if they have made my birthday a global holiday yet.  We got nothin.  Nothin but pissed off.

Can you believe that?  If you’ve been on this site enough times, you know there are holidays for everything.  Everyone has a holiday it seems but me.  Do you know what tomorrow is?  It’s National Day of the American Cowboy.  Catchy huh?  National Day of the American Cowboy.  It only sounds good if you say it real slow like and with a half snarl-half drawl.  Imagine Wilford Brimley after someone has stolen his oatmeal.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m from Texas and all but come on.  There are already cowboy songs, cowboy outfits, cowboy museums, cowboy boots (I have a pair) and hats, cowboy handbooks, cowboy cookbooks……..the list goes on and on.  Do they really need their own holiday too?  I even found this poem about cowboys.  As you read this, ask yourself if Poet Lariat, Ron Wilson, wasn’t really talking about ME – fearless leader of the Shine Rayvolution!  

He believes in hard work, and playing hard too
And in honoring women in all that they do.
To be independent and stand up for what’s right,
To be courageous and honest and not run from a fight.
To be brave and loyal, to ride for the brand,
And be a good steward of his livestock and land.
Those are timeless values that still hold true,
Still used everyday in what modern cowboys do.

I’m takin over.  I’m going to assume this has all been a big mistake.  That poem is really about me.  All except the livestock thing.  I’m a vegetarian.  So.  This is my day and as Lyle Lovett says “I live in my own mind.”  So, how about headin on over to the comment section and adding a couple perty lines about me to Ron’s poem?  If I like it, I might send you one of those shirts the girls were wearing in yesterday’s post.

Yippee Ki Ray out.


Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

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