Friends, Romans, and Shiners…

Lend me your Rays!

Welcome to another beautiful Friday! Cheryl here.
I met Nancy Standlee at a Bob Burridge workshop at Wenmohs Ranch in February of this year. Nancy writes a blog and you know my addiction to blogs. Recently she posted about a project she was going to particpate in- The Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project is being run by ArtHouse Coop. I was immediately drawn to the project and knew I wanted to participate. My job is to draw in the provided sketchbook and send it back to ArtHouse by January 15, 2011. You select a theme that guides you. The theme for my sketchbook is It will be fun, I swear.
The books will go on tour (just like a Rock Star) in 2011 to Brooklyn, NY; Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; Portland, ME; Atlanta, GA; and Chicago, IL. After their tour they will live permanently at The Brooklyn Art Library. And, I paid for my sketchbook to be digitized so it will be on the web as well.
Pretty exciting, huh?
After I signed myself up, I got to thinking (dangerous activity, I know), “You know, Ray should really have his own sketchbook.”
So, he’s going to have one, too! His theme is (your name here).

I even got our very own Peggy to join the project and I’m excited to see how her book turns out!

Brian- is it you that dabbles in some art? How about it? Anyone else?

I could fill the book on my own but I’d really like to hear from you because you shine. And I like you. And I trust you . And I need you. Where do you see Ray? What Ray Caption would you use? Think AbracadbRay, Yippee-Ky-Ray and so on. Then, I’ll see what I can come up with to add to the Sketchbook Project.
Shining off until tomorrow…


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