Mug Shot

There is something symbolic about me, Cheryl, and Heather drinking lattes out of our custom made mugs on Thursday nights.

It was, after all, a Thursday night meeting when Ray was born.  It is at our Thursday night meetings when plans and future appearances for Ray are booked.  Thursday nights are when we dream about Ray t-shirts, Ray postcards, Ray stickers, and what fun it would be to plaster the world with Ray’s simple demand that we, “Shine Dammit!” 

The purpose of our Thursday night meetings, when you get down to it, is to spread our Shine Rayvolution.  Ray is the ambassador to that Rayvolution.  

So, here is an interesting question – Are we meeting because the Shine Rayvolution is growing or is the Shine Rayvolution growing because we are meeting?

Is Ray growing in popularity because he is showing up on mugs, t-shirts, and postcards or is he showing up on mugs, t-shirts, and postcards because he is growing in popularity?

What exactly causes a dream – a vision – to become a reality?

If Peggy makes more cards will PR Designs grow or will PR Designs grow because Peggy makes more cards?

Does Robin write an eleventh book on child birth because she is more of an expert or does Robin become more of an expert because she’s written an eleventh book?

Do I become a better Writer because I write or do I write because I’ve become a better Writer?

Is Cheryl a better Artist because she is making more art or is Cheryl making more art, because she is a better Artist?

Or take a deep breath and ask yourself this.  Does it matter?

The answers matter only insofar as they underscore the importance of individual action.  Whether it is gathering for meetings; making cards; writing books; creating art, and in Ray’s case, showing up in the right place at the right time, ultimately it is action that turns dreams into reality.

We shine because we take action and taking action is the surest path to shining.

Three hours from when I started and I have a headache because of this mind-numbing post.  Or maybe it is because of my headache that this post is mind-numbing.  Either way, I’m out.

If you have any brain power left, visit us in the Community Forum labeled, Today’s Post and try inserting  the words, “because” and “or” into your own question.  We would love to hear what you have to say about turning your own dreams into reality.

Shining off until tomorrow…

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 5/13/10 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration,Personal Development,Ray Wattson

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