Yellow Envelope Project: Talking ‘Bout a Rayvolution

You know it like I know it.

Only part of what makes your child’s school a nurturing place are the teachers who are hired to work there.  Another part are the volunteers who give so much of themselves as classroom moms and PTA members.  They will never get a paycheck or be named teacher of the year, but without them, the school is a less nice place to be.

At the same time Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks gets paid a hefty annual salary, The Wall Street Journal is giving him all kinds of accolades for successful business practices.  But isn’t the barista, who makes $8.50 an hour, and remembers your drink order each morning, at least somewhat responsible for the company’s success?

And what about your colleague or the member of your Mom’s Group?  She is every bit as busy as the rest of us, but she somehow finds the extra fifteen minutes to drive through Krispy Kreme in order to bring donuts to your Friday meeting?  Isn’t it her thoughtful gesture that makes your regular gathering feel a little more like a celebration?

These people shine

They will never be famous.  They will never draw large crowds or large paychecks, but because they go above and beyond their corners of the world are better, brighter places.

The House of Shine is certain that, if we get busy illuminating the good work of the countless citizens who go above and beyond, we can start a Shine Rayvolution and eventually the world will be a brighter place.  

It starts with YOU!

Let me repeat, It starts with YOU!

The House of Shine needs your nominations.  We need every responsible citizen reading this post to nominate at least one person in their corner of the world who shines.  

Get it out of your head that his contribution needs to be big or unusual or in some way remarkable.  No.  What makes life worth living in most of our communities are not the occasional but grand acts.  It is the senior citizen volunteering at the school cross walk each morning.  It is mail man who drives the same monotonous route every day and delivers your mail regardless of weather conditions.  It is the acquaintance who struck up a conversation with you after your last meeting and made you feel welcome.  It is store owner who remembers your face and your order.  

Once a week we use the Yellow Envelope Project to flood the mail box of a deserving everyday citizen.  Each Saturday we post the name of that week’s recipient on our blog and each week you (yes, you) are invited to send a short note (in a yellow envelope) saying “You shine.”  

At the end of the year 52 more people know they are appreciated and are, in turn, motivated to continuing doing good thoughtful work.

It all starts with a single nomination, so let’s get busy.  Click here to learn more about the Yellow Envelope Project and to complete a Yellow Envelope Nomination.  

No excuses.  Everyone knows someone who shines!

Shining off until tomorrow…

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 2/20/10 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Yellow Envelope Project

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