The day after our big snow storm a couple of weeks ago, Richard, the kids, and I were pulling in the drive way after running some errands.  Our neighbor from across the street was standing next to our badly damaged tree, while another man stood on a ladder working to trim the broken branches. Richard and I looked at each other, joking about how freely our neighbor, Larry, spent our money by allowing his landscape guys to cut down our limbs.

I took the kids inside while Richard stayed outside talking to Larry and the worker.  Twenty minutes or so later, I ducked my head outside to see what was holding Richard up.  If we were going to pay to have our branches cut down, I wanted to get my money’s worth.  I wanted Richard inside with me where the boys were swinging from chandeliers and the laundry was mounting.

Twenty more minutes later Richard finally walked through the door.  I, of course, feeling a little indignant and annoyed asked what he had been doing.  Defensive, Richard explained he couldn’t leave Mark outside by himself to cut down our broken branches.

Mark?  Who’s Mark?  Since when are you on a first name basis and why can’t you leave him to himself when we are paying him to do the work?

Turns out it wasn’t Mark some unknown landscaper.  It was Mark OUR NEIGHBOR!

Yeah, I’m eating crow.  Mark, our very thoughtful neighbor, unsolicited, was outside trimming damaged trees on our block…for two days.  Front yards and backyards, I might add!  

Immediately I decided he was reMARKable!

Today is Inconvenience Yourself Day.  Click on the link if you want the full run down, but suffice it to say, Mark’s story is a great example.  Mark, like the rest of us, had a long list of things he could have done on the unexpected snow day, but he inconvenienced himself by doing something no one asked for or expected.

How about you?  How about keeping your eyes peeled for an opportunity to inconvenience yourself today.  Once you find it, come back to the Community Forum titled, Today’s Post and tell the story of how you shined.

One more thing.  During the time Richard was outside helping Mark trim branches, he learned of one of Mark’s favorites.  The photograph at the top of today’s post pictures the item wrapped and ready to be delivered to Mark’s doorstep.  How about taking a guess at what it is.  For a hint unscramble this:hotccs

Shining off until tomorrow… 

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 2/24/10 10:00 am by Claudia Beeny in: Inspiration

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