Bad Apple


Can we all agree that sometimes trying to shine means taking a chance only to fall flat on your face?
Today’s post was supposed to be great. It was supposed to shine and to provide you with another fun idea for Valentine’s Day. It was supposed to showcase the great apple-shaped basket I found on sale at World Market for $1.38. Eyes in a basket with a note attached saying “You are the Apple of my Eye.” It was supposed to be witty… maybe even clever.
It wasn’t supposed to look more like a creepy Halloween treat than a romantic Valentine’s gift. Or a April Fools joke more than a thoughtful gesture. But, alas I failed.
Sometimes we try to shine and we fail. It’s o.k. though. There’s always tomorrow.
Don’t want to wait until then? Make a suggestion to improve my failed attempt. And, if you think that’s useless, let’s play Scrabble. Using the letters above U*R*T*H*E*O*F*M*Y, form a word.

Claudia Beeny

Founder and Executive Director

Posted on 2/9/10 10:48 pm by Claudia Beeny in: Holidays

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