BOO-st Your Spirits

Be scared.  Be very scared.  Today is the last day of September and I am already planning for Halloween - one of my favorite times of year.

Some of you might remember the fun post I did last year when my son Matthew, my friend Amy, and I patrolled surrounding neighborhoods, in search of houses we could "Boo."  Matthew dressed like a wizard and I drove the getaway car.  It was magical.  Click here to relive the magic.

"Boo-ing," your neighbor takes on new meaning in the month of October.  It doesn't mean heckling the way I'll be heckling Colorado, when they play my Georgia Bulldogs in football, this weekend.

It means anonymously leaving a holiday treat on someone's doorstep, along with an invitation for them to pay it forward.  Once "boo-ed," it is customary to post a picture of a ghost in your window, so eventually everyone in the neighborhood gets a chance at the fun.  If what I am saying is new and confusing, then click here to read this poem.  It will help explain.

With still two days left in National Keep Kids Creative Week, I quickly roped Matthew and Jack into helping prepare this year's treats.

Black bags with letters spelling B-O-O.  Stickers by Jack.

Then more by Matthew.

Each bag filled with the fixin's for a Halloween party.  Plates, napkins, sprinkles...

Festive straws, and...

Holiday cupcakes wrappers.

Throw in some tissue paper, a copy of the poem, and a ghost to post in their window, and our Boo Bags are ready for delivery.  Twenty minutes is about the attention span of my boys and 20 minutes is about what it took to complete. 

Friday night, after it has gotten plenty dark, we will pile in the family car to complete our covert mission of delivering Boo Bags.  Maybe we'll stop for hot chocolate on the way home.  One thing is for sure, it will be the perfect end to a fun-filled week of creativity.

Shining off until tomorrow....

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Food Line

Monday a lesson on punctuation and Tuesday a soap box speech about the demise of creativity among our young people.  House of Shine readers are due for a blog post that is light and mindless.

Seek and you shall find.

Nonetheless, it is still National Keep Kids Creative Week and most of you know the importance I place on creativity.  That means the ideal post for today would be light and mindless and would also foster creativity among kids.


The next time you eat together, present your child (or friend, or husband, or colleague) with a placemat bearing some kind of pre-drawn line.  Using creativity, their challenge is to transform the line into a picture of something.

It's simple.

It's free.

And, it could help raise the Creativity Quotients of an entire generation.

Take a look at one of our masterpieces from dinner last night, based solely on the single line shown in the top picture.

Give it a try.  Find the closest piece of blank paper.  Draw the letter "s" in the middle of your page.  Now turn your "s" into a picture of something.


Join us in the Community Forum labeled, "Today's Post" and tell us about your picture (or better yet, how about posting it?).

Shining off until tomorrow...

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