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Yellow, Anything but Mellow

Today, I propose a variation on my mother's decorating tip. 

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The Yellow Tray

My story is about Michael, the dishwasher who - from a distance - watched and appreciated my pursuit for the yellow tray. 

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Rise and Shine

Even Mother Nature agrees

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Suck it up, Buttercup! 

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Sun Up, Sun Down

There is no better way to celebrate the color yellow than by... 

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Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

since lemons are yellow, today's lesson in Shining is even more perfect and timely. 

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Straight and Narrow

When traveling close to 1,000 miles, by car, it 's hard not to appreciate how smoothly traffic flows when people stay in their lane. 

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Happy Meal

A yellow french fry container from Wendy's proved the perfect source for today's post. 

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Hidden Gem

It's amazing what's possible once you realize that Shine comes in every size and shape. 

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Chicken or Egg?

I was drawn to a shop displaying a largeyellow sun above the door way. 

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