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Shine Says It All

Go ahead, close your eyes and think of someone you know who embodies our principles of excellence. Now click over to the Comment Section and, using the word "shine" as either a noun, verb, or adjective, tell us what makes him or her special.

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Stay The Course

Seven years ago on this day I wrote my first blog post. The blogspot was titled, Highlowaha and the purpose was to share a creative idea a day, for one year, never repeating the same idea twice.

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Nicest Compliment You Ever Received? Please Share.

In preparation for an upcoming workshop, I am testing my most recent hypothesis about people and their shine. I wondering if you would help with my data gathering by answering this simple question: What is...

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First Class Postman

Two men working side by side at the post office. The first man lopes along, the second guy buzzes….

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Scumbling Your Shine

We must learn how to gently modify our shine, based on what's needed, otherwise our unique talents and gifts will actually get in our way.

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The Power of Experience

The message of you. And your experiences. And how you are using them, in combination with your strengths, hobbies, interests, and natural talents, so that you may, in some way, serve the greater good.

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On that walk I realized my pension for planning is really my strategy for combatting the break neck speed at which society makes us feel we must live. It's how I keep momentum; how I dig my heels in and insist on living life on my terms.

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Lost Souls or Happy Souls?

The House of Shine focuses on the best humanity has to offer. It's built on the premise that, using our unique talents and gifts is so rewarding and affirming, that once plugged into them, we couldn't imagine doing anything other than sharing them with the...

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I Grant You This

So when I heard that tomorrow was National Let a Kid in the Kitchen Week, I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to invite fourteen year old Grant over to my house, so he could cook in my kitchen.

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All In The Family

So what about you? What can you remember about your parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles? How much of what makes you shine today can be attributed to the people and the lessons you learned years ago?

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