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See Spot Shine

I find the more I search for evidence of shine, the more of it I see. And the more I see shine, the easier it is to spot. Until eventually it isn't necessary to search for shine, because shine literally appears everywhere I go.

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Shine Traps

It will take me longer to write this post than it did to do what it is I am going to suggest. I have little stacks of paper that accumulate on the desk in my office and the counter in my kitchen because something keeps me from wanting to get rid of them. I...

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Just Add a Comma

Then, during my last trip to Florida, I stood at the refrigerator and suddenly had a totally different experience with the magnets. By simply rearranging the words slightly and adding a comma, the message changed completely.

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I Have An Idea

The ideas we generate are most often rooted in our interests, strengths, and natural talents. Maybe even our experiences, too. They provide excellent clues into our essential selves and our greatest potential for making a contribution.

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Organizations, Involvement, and Enthusiasm

I have always ascribed to the belief that you can tell how sharp someone is by the questions they ask. Smart people ask poignant questions that leave you thinking long after the question was originally posed. Such is the case with the questions posed ea...

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Generations of Shine

The oldest placards date back to the early 1900s and the most inspiring ones hang with three or four others, each bearing the name of a family member who attended from another generation. 

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Cake, Candles, and Shine

When it came time for Richard to blow out the 46 candles on his ice cream cake, I think we all felt like the candles were not only marking the years of his life, but that they were also symbolizing the light he casts by living a life that shines.

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Shine Says It All

Go ahead, close your eyes and think of someone you know who embodies our principles of excellence. Now click over to the Comment Section and, using the word "shine" as either a noun, verb, or adjective, tell us what makes him or her special.

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Stay The Course

Seven years ago on this day I wrote my first blog post. The blogspot was titled, Highlowaha and the purpose was to share a creative idea a day, for one year, never repeating the same idea twice.

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Nicest Compliment You Ever Received? Please Share.

In preparation for an upcoming workshop, I am testing my most recent hypothesis about people and their shine. I wondering if you would help with my data gathering by answering this simple question: What is...

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