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Two For One

The only thing we have control over is how we choose to react to a person who sets out intent on bringing someone else down. That's why I immediately suggested that each of agree to do one random act of kindness that would counter the one senseless act of ...

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The Hardest Part of Shining Isn't Sharing, It's...

Our hearts knew this simple act of generosity was the right thing to do, but this morning when our alarms went off at 5:15, our heads got busy trying to convince us that it was too early and our idea was unnecessary, impractical, and wouldn't be missed. ...

Gratitude That Pops

How you show gratitude is not near as important as doing something. Anything. At the moment I am a little partial to the sticks of dynamite we made and stuffed for wait staff at a local restaurant, but your gesture should be a reflection of ...

Yes and Why Not?

Yes, it's only a small batch of cookies, but why not? Isn't it really the small gestures that, in the end, make the biggest difference? Hoo do think shines? And why not say "yes" to telling them so?

All or Nothing

It's a nice reminder, though, of one of our Shine Principles - REALIZE THE IMPACT OF LITTLE THINGS. Because, instead of turning World Kindness Day into too big of a deal, I could have kept it small and manageable and accepted that doing something...

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Shine Tip #200

Shining is a muscle and just like our triceps, biceps, and quadriceps the more we use it the stronger it gets.

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One For The Books

Nice gestures matter. Do one today and watch the chain of events you create.

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Rattle and Hmmm...

"I'm sorry, Sarah. I know this sounds crazy, but can I have that dime?"

Giving Thanks

Thank you notes, written thoughtfully, serve as spotlights to the those things that make us unique. 

Random Acts

Whatever you do, do something! 

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