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All or Nothing

It's a nice reminder, though, of one of our Shine Principles - REALIZE THE IMPACT OF LITTLE THINGS. Because, instead of turning World Kindness Day into too big of a deal, I could have kept it small and manageable and accepted that doing something...

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Shine Tip #200

Shining is a muscle and just like our triceps, biceps, and quadriceps the more we use it the stronger it gets.

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One For The Books

Nice gestures matter. Do one today and watch the chain of events you create.

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Rattle and Hmmm...

"I'm sorry, Sarah. I know this sounds crazy, but can I have that dime?"

Giving Thanks

Thank you notes, written thoughtfully, serve as spotlights to the those things that make us unique. 

Random Acts

Whatever you do, do something! 

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Like and Love

I liked Halloween as a kid.  I love it as an adult. 

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Wish You Were Here

This week is National Write a Letter of Appreciation Week.  I mention this because writing a letter of appreciation fits nicely into House of Shine's Principle #10 - Spread Shine.  Take time from your busy schedule to write a letter of ...

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