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The Habit of Choice

Habits begin with choices and choices are something each of use gets to make for ourselves. There aren't a lot of hiding places in that reality, so the decision to act or not act leaves us exposed.

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Passion or Preparation

The other night someone challenged me to consider what people were really responding to was not how practiced I was, but rather how passionate I was about the topic. She said she liked to listen to me talk about Shine, not because every word was perfectly ...

Open: Summer 2016

I love the idea of capturing a moment in time, including all the things I was feeling, thinking, and wishing for and then revisiting that moment one year later when enough time has passed to forget what I wrote, but not so much time has passed that I can't...

Window Shopping

If someone was on the internet window(s) shopping and ran across my House of Shine, I would want them to stop the way I stopped at Respice and think the same things about us. Maybe with a few modifications...

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You wouldn't want to leave your water safety up to me. But, I bought this bright yellow shirt because I like to think of myself as a lifeguard of a different sort.

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Two Years Goes Fast

The pictures were taken two Easter’s ago when Richard and I got the boys Geo Caching gadgets and we took them out on trails that Easter morning. I meant to post the picture later that week and to share how much I cherished our family time. And, ...

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There's a little bit of irony in all of this, though. The very opportunities that have recently presented themselves came about because I wrote blog posts. A whole lot of them. Now, those opportunities are the very things that seem to be getting in the way...

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Pretty but Prickly: A Lesson From Nature

Nature often provides us with perfect analogies for life. A walk yesterday reminded me of this...

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The Sound of Joy

it was the smiles of these young boys and girls that spoke volumes, saying everything that needs to be said about what it means to shine.

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One Man Band

Today is Friday, after a long week of work, and suddenly it occurs to me that I am feeling a little like Newton - a one-man band.

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