And, nominees for the Holiday Most Worth Celebrating in June are:

June 1, Say Something Nice Day

June 2, National Tailors Day

June 8, Upsy Daisy Day

And the winner is...


In the category of Best Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter for June we have:

Cookie Cutter Leaf Aspen

Cookie Cutter Bee and Hive

Animal Kangaroo

And the winner is...


If you are new to our monthly star studded event, let me give you a backstage look at what is going on.  The company Fancy Flours Baking Supplies is a real star!  More than a year ago they partnered with us to present what has quickly became a favorite House of Shine event.  Each month readers vote on the holiday most worth celebrating and the cookie cutter they would most like to see me use.  

The results are part comedy, part drama, part horror.  I spend the month developing a plot and trying desperately to create chemistry between these two characters.  Somewhere around the winning holiday, the curtain goes up and you get to see exactly what spectacle I have produced.  Sometimes a blockbuster, sometimes a blockfizzer.

Cast your vote above and don't miss the lights, camera, action scheduled for sometime in early June.

Shining off until tomorrow...