Matthew and I recently finished reading a fun book series written by author, Ingrid Law.  The first in the series is called Savvy and the second book is titled, Scumble.

The stories are about the Beaumont family and they tell of a magical secret the family has harbored for generations. Each family member possess a "savvy" — a special supernatural power that strikes when they turn thirteen.

What I love about each character's savvy is that they are, in some ways, similar to what we would term our "shine".

While their magic powers can be unpredictable and even destructive, once a savvy is nurtured and the energy is harnessed, it quickly becomes the source of a character's distinction and contribution.

I think the same is true of our shine. The more we nurture and harness the energy we derive from using our shine, the more likely we are to discover our purpose - the contribution that each of us was uniquely designed to make.

The big difference between a Beaumont's "savvy" and our "shine" is that our "shine" is not presented to us on our thirteenth birthday. Instead we spend a lifetime searching for it and wondering if that magical feeling we get when time flies and we're having fun is actually our shine in disguise.

Ingrid Law's books prompted fun discussion around our dinner table one night when Matthew announced that he thought his savvy was looking at someone's face and knowing what they were thinking. I chimed in saying that I thought my savvy was my creativity. Jack bragged about being fast like a cheetah and Richard claimed an eagle's eye for opportunity.

Discover it, nurture it, harness it and therein lies the source of your unique contribution.  So what about you? Visit us in the Comment Section and tell us about your savvy.

Shining off until...