Below are messy, unrefined, and unplugged reflections from the last two pages of last year's journal:

No bells and no whistles: It feels good to be moving into year five with no bells and no whistles, no ceremonies, no flashing lights. The unassuming continuation is quiet recognition that this is where I am supposed to be. I am at peace.

What you focus on will expand. My ability to flex that muscle and to see shine wherever I go is directly impacted by how often I use it. I like myself more when I am writing.

Ruts. Hang onto something for the wrong reason and it begins to get in the way of your authentic self. Letting go of the daily post was hard. Not writing daily was harder than writing every day. It felt like defeat. But, in the end, letting go has allowed me to Shine in other ways.

Being present. Because I am not lugging my computer to Leadershape and on family vacations, I am more physically and emotionally available. There is a delicate balance between being disciplined and being present.

Disappointments. Even the hurt that comes with the greatest disappointments will pass.

Life's Purpose. You know you are getting warm when you care so much it hurts, but the idea of walking away hurts even more.

Reflection. Walks and quiet time has been critical to my feeling like I have anything important to say.

Leadership. There is a difference between having people follow because they are inspired and inspiring people to take action. The latter is far harder.

Ideas. There is no shortage of good ideas - just the time, talent, and compulsion to see them through to the end.

Gratitude. Deciding to walk through life with the philosophy of Shine has made all the difference. My heart feels full because I get to carry this message.

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