A day late and - after all the Christmas shopping I have been doing - most certainly a dollar short. That is the way it goes with this month's celebration of Highlowaha.

New and old members of our community gather on the eighteenth day of each month to reflect on what has happened in the last thirty days. It turns out that being present for this time honored tradition is, in fact, a truly valued present among readers.

Giving our gift is easy, unlike complicated toys that require all kinds of assembly and that are battened down with countless plastic twisty ties. No assembly required. Simply take five minutes and tell us three things about what has been happening in your corner of the world.

First, tell us about your "highs" - the best things - that have happened since November 18.

Second, tell us about your "lows" - the worst things that have happened since November 18.

Third, share an "aha" - something you have learned - in the past month.

I'll start:

Highs: Attending my friend's Change of Command in Kileen, Texas; helping Matthew sell his party favors; lunch with Karlie, sitting in our living room with the Christmas tree lights on and the rest of the lights off; seeing some projects come to fruition; Christmas shopping; and date nights.

Lows: Family friends having to cancel their annual trip to our house for Thanksgiving; aging relatives; and not making enough time for things that I say are important to me.

Aha: Currently I am reading a good book about intentionally developing a leadership pipeline at work. It is a great read for anyone charged with developing their organization's talent. Also, I also recently participated in an interesting conversation about leadership styles. The person facilitating the discussion used turkeys, eagles, and geese to draw her analogies. It was good.

Your turn. Head over to the Comment Section and tell us about what's been going on in your world for the past month. It will be the least expensive, but most appreciated present you give this season.

Shining off until...