"If I was you I would want to go to Granbury, Texas" said Doris, the skeptical woman we met on our Serentripitous journey to discover Shine.

The first person we met on our journey was Jonathan from Starbucks. He insisted that we should head North until we saw a skyscraper. Jonathan did not know our plan to use the letters S-H-I-N-E as oracles to guide us through the day. Misty, Cheryl, Heather, and I did, though, so meeting Jonathan at Starbucks and having him suggest we drive until we saw a skyscraper made us confident that our journey was off to a good start. To read more about Part I of Serentripity, click here.

With "S" under our belt, we moved confidently in pursuit of the letter "H". Heather sat shot gun and, with navigator in hand, we took our cues from Doris and headed West on 377 to Granbury, Texas.

Until we saw this eye catching sign that pointed us in the direction of a wedding.

We debated. We were worried that following the sign might disrupt fate, since Doris's directions were to visit Granbury. Yet, we also acknowledged that maybe our foursome was supposed to head toward Granbury, if for no other reason but to see the sign for the wedding and to follow it.

The sign shined with its rustic look, neat handwriting, and hot glued flowers, so just in the nick of time, I yanked the steering wheel and we turned right onto 171. We justified our decision by reminding ourselves that it is Cheryl's Year of Love and that, of course, fate would want us to move toward the wedding. 

And then we saw another sign and breathed a sigh of relief that we were on the right path.

And then more affirmation. A perfectly shaped letter "H" broadcasting itself, as if to say, "Hello out there. Here I am!"

So imagine how hard we were laughing when, another mile or so down the road, we saw this shiny, YELLOW truck sitting abandoned in the middle of a large field. All by itself. Virtually yelling - no screaming - "Keep on trucking. You are exactly where you are supposed to be!"

Feeling pretty set up about where Serendipity was taking us, we settled into our drive and enjoyed the kind of peaceful small talk among friends that's so rare it actually feels special. Kids, summer plans, and bargain shopping. Prompted by the yellow truck mentioned earlier, Misty asked if any of us has eaten at Babes, a local restaurant, that recently opened a new location in a town neighboring where we live. Apparently it has a fun truck parked out front. I confessed I'd never been there and Heather (the vegetarian) raved about how good it was.

Time passed, the sun was beating down on our faces, and conversation was good.

And then more time passed and the sun was still beating down on our faces and the conversation was still good.

But after an hour or so of driving there were no more wedding signs and we were forced to accept that either we missed a sign or that they were left over from the day before.

It didn't matter, because just when we began seconding guessing ourselves, we passed a sign announcing that we were in Hood County. Wedding or no wedding, we were successful in following the oracle "H".

"Should we head back to Granbury as Doris originally suggested?", I asked.

We debated.



Maybe so.

And then, as is so often the case with serendipity, the question was answered for us.

The road came to a complete end. As if speaking directly to us, there sat a large, weathered arrow showing us the way. We were unsure where fate would direct us, but excited for the next leg of our journey, we dutifully made a right hand turn.

Imagine our surprise when a quarter mile or so down the road, we approached this one and only billboard:

Tune in tomorrow to discover why we must have been fated to visit Granbury, Texas...