If you have been around the House of Shine for any time at all, then you know that we LOVE mail.

Snail mail. The stuff that's delivered by the good old USPS. Not email, facebook status updates, or texting.

It is one of many reasons we created and are celebrating our second annual Postman Appreciation Day (today). And, it is also one of the reasons so many of us are passionate about the Yellow Envelope Project; a project that encourages people to write and send real mail.

But, not just any real mail. Anonymous letters of gratitude to deserving people around the globe. Each Saturday we meet at the House of Shine to honor a deserving person who makes his or her corner of the world a better place to live. Heather, Misty, Cheryl, and I provide the name and address of our honoree and you provide the ten minutes and $0.44 it takes to mail your letter.

Over the past year people have suggested we create an e-card that people can send to our weekly honoree. We emphatically reply, "Nope, no way. It's gotta be the real mccoy. A good old fashioned letter coming through a good old fashioned postman."

Then we go one step further. We demand that your letter be sent in a yellow envelope or, if need be, a white envelope decorated with yellow stickers and markers. People have suggested all the "rules" might dissuade people from participating. I, on the other hand, believe the rules are the very thing that will attract the attention of people who SHINE.  Because, see, people who Shine understand unrelenting passion and high standards and most of them, I think, appreciate the work that goes into keeping the bar high. Those are the people for whom this program was built and those are people who will spread the word and keep this program growing.

We are in some ways just like postmen and women.  We send anonymous letters of gratitude every week, never letting rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night get in the way.

So, today is the perfect convergence of events for us. It is Saturday, the day we gather to mail yellow envelopes to people brightening their corners of the world. It is also National Postman Appreciation Day - the day we honor our hardworking mail carriers.

Here is how we plan to celebrate:

This week we will go wide rather than deep. Rather than flood only one person's mailbox with hundreds of letters of gratitude, we decided to challenge every reader to write just one letter of gratitude; one letter of gratitude written to your mail delivery person. Sealed in a yellow envelope and left in your mailbox with a note on the front that says, "FOR YOU, MR. POSTMAN."

There aren't many people who visit your home six days a week and who often leave treats behind (and yes, a few bills too). Rather than shoot the messenger, how about saying thank you?

Shining off until Monday.