Endings aren't easy, even when they are a blessing in disguise.

Endings are especially not easy when they aren't by choice.  I think it's because you are left feeling misunderstood.

About a month ago, Fancy Flours mailed me a form letter telling me they would no longer participate in our monthly Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge.  Instead they were going to spread the wealth and allow a new blogger to try her hand at cookie decorating.

For 18 straight months - I baked, decorated, and packaged batches of decorative sugar cookies.  Shapes included everything from a pig to a bass fish to a mermaid, a wand, a butterfly, armadillo, an owl, a porcupine, an airplane, a rooster, a dragon, and seven or eight more.

The truth is, beginning in May, the monthly activity started becoming less fun.  And, interestingly enough, the more obligatory the experience felt, the less good I became at doing it.

I imagine the same is true of a job that has run it's course.  Or a relationship.  Or an experience.  The less we enjoy it, the less good we are at doing it.

So why didn't I beat Fancy Flours to the punch and end the relationship by choice?

Because month after month, I convinced myself that people who shine don't give up.  People who shine plough through the tough times, believing they can turn it around and that things will get better.  People who shine are tenacious and positive and committed and defeat is not in our makeup.  In my mind, ending my relationship with Fancy Flours would have meant loss and, even worse, it would have meant telling you.

My bruised ego is on the mend and here's my thinking as of late: Despite what conventional wisdom has us believe, ending my relationship with Fancy Flours does not have to mean loss.  The space they left will get filled - maybe with a new partnership; maybe with a new hobby I can share with you; or maybe just with more free time for my family.  As feelings of being misunderstood subside, I find myself looking forward to what new adventures await me.  

I imagine the same is true of a job, or a relationship, or an experience.  Eventually the space will be filled with something new - a new partnership, a new hobby, or maybe just some much needed time for existing family and friends.

Join us in the Community Forum labeled Today's Post and tell us how loss in one area of your life might create opportunity in another.

Shining off until tomorrow.