Shine descended upon my home this weekend, by way of Melinda, a young woman from Athens, Georgia.  I think it's safe to say that my life and my understanding of Shine are both changed as a result of watching Melinda over the past week.

I could generate a long list of things Melinda did that were thoughtful and sweet and generous.  I could.  But that might leave you with the false impression that her shining was the result of some combination of actions taken.  And that's not it.

It's far more complicated and, at the same time, far more simple than that.

Melinda shines because of the way she thinks.

She throws herself into life without a single inhibition getting in her way.

Melinda spent three full days preparing to give an Elvis concert - songs, costume, and all - to fifteen or more special guests (all strangers to her).  Never once did she worry about what others would think.

You know why?

Because, unlike most of us, Melinda is literally wired to see only the good in people.

Because Melinda sees only the good in people, she cannot not imagine a world where someone would judge her for singing the wrong note, taking the wrong step, or wearing Elvis side burns and a cape.  Meanness and hatred are no where on Melinda's radar screen and because of that she is not burdened with all the same inhibitions that keep you and me from living our fullest life.

Melinda shines because her intentions are pure and kind.  Her refusal to participate in petty judgement literally shields Melinda from the negativity of others and, in turn, grants her the freedom to live her fullest life.

That's what I learned from Melinda this week.

So tell me this.  If you granted yourself the freedom to live your fullest life by not judging or blaming others, and in turn, not worrying that others are judging or blaming you, then what else could you be doing?  Visit us in the Community Forum labeled, Today's Post and take a crack at answering.

Shining off until tomorrow...