Monday a lesson on punctuation and Tuesday a soap box speech about the demise of creativity among our young people.  House of Shine readers are due for a blog post that is light and mindless.

Seek and you shall find.

Nonetheless, it is still National Keep Kids Creative Week and most of you know the importance I place on creativity.  That means the ideal post for today would be light and mindless and would also foster creativity among kids.


The next time you eat together, present your child (or friend, or husband, or colleague) with a placemat bearing some kind of pre-drawn line.  Using creativity, their challenge is to transform the line into a picture of something.

It's simple.

It's free.

And, it could help raise the Creativity Quotients of an entire generation.

Take a look at one of our masterpieces from dinner last night, based solely on the single line shown in the top picture.

Give it a try.  Find the closest piece of blank paper.  Draw the letter "s" in the middle of your page.  Now turn your "s" into a picture of something.


Join us in the Community Forum labeled, "Today's Post" and tell us about your picture (or better yet, how about posting it?).

Shining off until tomorrow...