September 23 was National Punctuation Day.  I was supposed to use the lemon cookie cutter, provided by Fancy Flours, to celebrate.  The cookie cutter didn't arrive in time, but instead of letting the whole thing going sour, I've decided to try turning lemons into lemonade.

Not only could I turn lemons into lemonade, I could also turn them into lemon bars, lemon meringue, or lemon poppy seed muffins.  Notice the use of my listing comma to separate items in a series.

The cookies could no longer be used for their intended purpose; however, all was not lost.  Notice.  Semicolons are a great replacement for predictable coordinate conjunctions such as: "and," "but," and "yet."

The lemon cookie cutter could still be put to good use: to make cookies for a deserving woman.  Must I ask if you caught how the colon provided additional attention to how I intended using the cookie cutter?

One more thing you should know about the lemon - compliments of the dash, which allows writers to introduce words, phrases, and clauses into a sentence and move back into the main clause - is, it can also be decorated as a lime.

Today I will present Terry, the administrative assistant in my office, with this small treat.  Her last day is on Friday and I think my package is a fun way of telling her, "I like the Sprite in You."

Your turn.

Visit us in the Community Forum labeled, Today's Post and tell us two things: how would use the lemon (or lime) cookie cutter and what would your slogan be?  If Cheryl, Heather, and I vote your idea "Best of Show," then you will win the lucky lemon.

Shining off until tomorrow.  Notice how I end my declarative sentence with a period.