Three great ways to jump-start your week after a three-day weekend.

Yellow Envelope Project.  Saturday I featured this week's Yellow Envelope recipient.  She is a tribute to hardworking people everywhere who perform their jobs with such skill, they make an entire office suite shine.  Ten minutes and $0.44 is all it takes to tell Claire she shines.  Dropping a handwritten note in your outbox will get your week off to a great start AND will help power our planet with shine.  How's that for multi-tasking?  Click here to read Claire's full story and to get her address.

Shineworks.  Yesterday we launched our September Shineworks.  It is a challenge between us - the staff at the House of Shine - and you.  Use the every day item we have selected this month to brighten your corner of the world.  Make a sign, send a message, recognize your postman or barista, or create a display.  You decide.  The only criteria is to spread shine and, this month, to do it while using... POPCORN.  Click here to get the full scoop and read an idea or two from last month.  Participants earn the chance to purchase our Powered By Shine t-shirt for $12.00 instead of $20.00.

Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge.  Last month I was challenged to use an armadillo cookie cutter to celebrate National Preposterous Packaging Day.  Frankly, the entire exercise of baking, decorating, packaging and delivering these cookies left me in over my head.  This month, you have a chance to redeem yourselves - or, at least, to cut me some slack.  Today vote on the holiday and cookie cutter of choice, for the month of September.  Interestingly enough, all the holidays fall on September 24.  Vote below.


That's it.  A recap of three fun activities from the last three days at the House of Shine.  If that doesn't get your work week off to a great start, I don't know what will.  Visit us in the Community Forum labeled, Today's Post and tell us what you voted for.

Shining off until tomorrow...