What better way to celebrate the birthday of our favorite, snarky lightbulb then to make the entire day about Ray, Ray, Ray. 

All day long we will talk, think, and speculate about Ray Wattson, as we engage in our annual game of Create-a-Caption.

Rules of play are easy.  Look at the picture above and then take a crack at appointing a name to Ray, worthy of his latest transformation.  In the event you are new to the site or to our friend Ray Wattson, I will warm you up.

Earlier this week, Ray was a magician - AbracadabRay.

Ray from Valentine's Day 2009 - AmoRay

Ray competing in our Fancy Flours Cookie Cutter Challenge - Bakeray.

Eat-some-cookies-then-get-healthy - 5Ray


Celebrating National Ice Cream Month - StrawberRay

NanoWriMo Participant - HemmingRay

Get-Your-@$$-in-Gear - StingRay

And finally, last year's Create-a-Caption - Raysin in the Sun

Long-time reader, Peggy, is the woman to beat this year, as she provided last year's winning caption.  And just like Peggy, the person who wins this year will receive a t-shirt, custom printed with today's picture and your winning name.

Head to the Community Forum labeled, Today's Post and get creative.  Tell your friends too.  Do it for Ray.

Shining off until tomorrow...