I wish I could take credit.

I wish Yellow Pig Day originated at the House of Shine.  I wish it was the day all swine rose up and finally decided to join our Rayvolution.  I wish pigs carried signs that read, "Swine Shine!"

But alas, the House of Shine had nothing to do with the creation of this holiday - coming our way on Saturday, July 17.  According to my research:

"The holiday dates back to the 1960s when two math students at Princeton were given an assignment to analyze the properties of the number 17. Thinking about the number 17 for so long drove them a bit nuts, (as you can imagine), so they came up with the idea of a mythical yellow pig.  Oh yeah, and this yellow pig happened to have seventeen toes, seventeen teeth, seventeen eyelashes, etc. Now mathematicians in colleges and universities everywhere celebrate Yellow Pig Day by eating Yellow Pig Cake and singing Yellow Pig Carols (seriously, we couldn't make this stuff up)."

It is suggested by Professor Kelly, creator of the holiday, that we let our imaginations run (hog) wild and come up with our own ideas for how to celebrate this holiday.  He suggests hosting a parade or eating cake.

Despite my aversion to numbers, Matthew, Jack, and I decided the "yellow" nature of this holiday made it SHINE enough to warrant our attention.  It was, after all, another opportunity to use my pig cookie cutter - compliments of Fancy Flours Baking Supplies.  Loyal followers might remember that the last time I attempted the pig, it was to celebrate National Pencil Day (March 30).  The post was titled, A Bunch of Slop - which should give you some insight into how things went.  To re-live the pain, click here.

I don't know that this batch is much better than the last, but we had fun.  We put 17 polka dots on them, made swirls for 17 seconds, and packaged up 17 cookies to give all the math-lovin-people we know.  Which is one.  My friend, Julie.

Turns out though that the number seventeen is kind of an interesting number and maybe even worth celebrating.  I won't presume you care, but if you are a numbers-geek click here.  You'll love it.

Here's what I love.  I love that people love to celebrate so much that they will create an entire holiday around the number seventeen.  You know what that tells me?  It tells me people are just looking for reasons to spread shine.

Now there is something I can rally around.  Spreading Shine.

Speaking of spreading shine, we are coming up on August and it is time to decide what our next cause for celebration will be.  The month is full of fun holidays, but none more deserving than August 7, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day.  That is another holiday I wish I could take credit for.  Darn it.

Vote below for which cookie cutter you think I should have to bake, decorate, and package (preposterously) and then visit us in the Community Forum labeled, Today's Post to tell us what kind of celebration you will be working up for Yellow Pig Day.

Shining off until tomorrow...