One glimpse of me yesterday.  That's it?  Come on.  Who's running this show anyway?

This is my time.  Everything is Shining and it was 90 degrees in Dallas yesterday.  You would think that I would get a little more air-time than I have been lately.  Don't get me wrong, the content has been decent, but what about me?  I'm the whole reason this House exists.  I am the originator, the inspirator and the instigator. Shine and Dammit are my two favorite words. I can have a whole conversation with just those two words.  Try it.  

It took just such a conversation and a reminder of today's holiday to get Claudia to cool her jets for a day.

Today's May Ray Day.  No I'm not drunk.  That's the name of the holiday.  Check it out.  But don't believe a word of that mumbo jumbo about, "celebrating the beginning of the warm outside days that the sun gives us or about it being a day for ALL people named Ray.  There is truly only one Ray.  Yes, the world does revolve around me and yes I am the center of the universe.  It can't be coincidental.  

By the way, some Dick-guy in Michigan came up with this whole May Ray Day thing.  While you're sending out a little Shine to this weeks Yellow Envelope Project recipient, send him some too.  Here's his contact info.  Tell him Ray sent you. Richard Ankli, Allen Creek Hydro, Inc, 100 S 4th Ave #608, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. 

See Ya Rayter Alligator.

Oh, and if you don't think it will ruin my surprise, head the Community Forum, labeled Today's Post and tell everyone how you're going to celebrate me.