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Serentripity Giveaway: Win an Adventure for You and Your Friends

We travel light for Serentripity.

And why not, the simplicity of this road trip is part of the reason Heather, Cheryl, and I are still doing it five years later.

We hop in the car early morning and, with no destination in mind, spend the day traveling, meeting people, laughing, taking pictures, doing random acts of kindness, and generally spreading shine.

There are no rules, other than you must stop at precisely 2:18 p.m. and, wherever you are, that is exactly where fate meant for you to be. There is a message of Shine awaiting you there and the job of you and your mates is to figure out what it is.

No supplies required. Except, of course, the official set of oracles.

Yes, oracles.

The first year, our only oracle was the word "shine". It meant that when we needed to decide where to turn, when stop, and what to do after arriving, we looked to the letters S-H-I-N and E for answers. 

The next year, I think we used a set of die. Odd numbers meant turn left, even numbers meant turn right, and the total number of spots is how we determined the number of miles to drive in between.

Last year it was a set of sticks. Green sticks revealed messages such as: "Go west" and "Go wherever the closet yellow car is going". Red sticks told us when to stop: "Stop at a body of water" or "Pass five yellow signs and then stop at the nearest gas station". And the yellow sticks revealed what we should do when we arrived. Tasks included things such as: "Leave a positive message in sidewalk chalk" and "Attach a note to someone's windshield."

The oracles for this year are...

I could tell you, but that would ruin the surprise for this Saturday, August 2. Instead, win this beautiful set of oracles, pictured above, for you and your friends by telling us who you would love to take on a Serentripity. Official guidelines are simple and provided here: GIVEAWAY RULES.

Then, tune into our Facebook page (House of Shine) or our Twitter account (@houseofshine), beginning at 8:00 a.m., so you can follow along with this year's adventures and see what we're using for oracles in 2014. 

See you there!

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Note to Self

A year ago one of the Shine Tips featured on the front page of our website read, "Write yourself a letter to be opened one year from now."

I did. And then I tucked it in the corner of my desk at our house in Florida and forgot about it.

Until last week when I stumbled on the white envelope and immediately curled up in a porch chair to revisit what I wrote.

What fun it was to revisit topics such as: how I was feeling physically and emotionally; what I was working on; goals for the House of Shine; new ideas that were brewing; lingering questions that, little did I know, would be answered just days later; observations about my marriage; and fun anecdotes about each of my boys.

I even recorded the weather and the date and time the letter was penned - Eighty-eight and sunny, June 14, 2013, at 1:03 p.m. 

We shove out of Key Largo later this afternoon and I decided I couldn't leave without writing a new letter to myself.

It's an update on many of the same kinds of topics: how I am feeling physically and emotionally; what I'm working on; goals for the House of Shine; new ideas that are brewing; lingering questions that, I am sure, will be answered any day now; observations about my marriage; and fun anecdotes about each of my boys. Even the weather, date, and time.

The new letter sits sealed in an envelope... with the letter from the year before also tucked inside.

There's something poignant about writing a letter to yourself, knowing that you're going to read it a year later, but having no real idea what's in store over the next 365 days.

I suggest giving it a try. Find a chair where you can curl up and set your pen free.

Next July you'll be glad you did.

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