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Yes and Why Not?

You can argue that declaring yesterday National Neighbor Day is silly,

or pointless,

or too sappy for your liking.

Or, you can look for a reason to say, "yes" and "why not?"

Yes, my neighbors, Quinn and Stephanie, never miss a chance to shout a friendly "hello" or wave when we pass in our cars. Why not let them know how much their friendly gesture brightens my day?

Yes, we travel in different social circles, but why not, look for a reason to say thank you for carving out at least a few times a year when we can gather together and get to know one another better?

Yes, their yards are always impeccably taken care of and beautifully decorated, so why not find a reason to let them know their efforts aren't for naught and that grateful neighbors appreciate their attention to detail?

Yes, it's only a small batch of cookies, but why not? Isn't it really the small gestures that, in the end, make the biggest difference?

Your turn. Hoo do think shines? And why not say "yes" to telling them so?


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Oh, Oprah, Orange You Glad?

If you've been following along with our adventure to get a small spot in Oprah Magazine then you know that the House of Shine has been sending Oprah and Lucy Kaylin, her Editor in Chief, a package every month since January.

And we won't stop until we ring in a new year, because Oprah named 2014 "Your Year to Shine" and we want her to know how much we agree!

Every month we feature a different program, service, or product coordinated by the House of Shine, in order share with her all the ways we make the world a better and brighter place to live.

In January we introduced ourselves and our concept of #HelloYello. In February we mailed Oprah a vintage yellow phone and an invitation to our Box of Shine party. In March we featured Shineworks and sent a fully stocked toolkit made from old denim jeans.

In April we got even more creative.

In April we wanted to feature our fun orange BE, DO, SHARE tee shirts so we decided to seal them in an orange made out of paper mache. THINK PINATA.

Once the flour and water process was done, we stuffed the piñata with our orange shirts which were neatly wrapped in burlap and white boxes and had fun notecards attached.

Then we sealed the top,

spray painted the whole thing orange,

affixed green leaves and custom made stickers,

and sealed it in a bright orange box that read, "Orange You Glad, Another Box of Shine."

Ninety-eight dollars later, this 30x20x25 box was in the mail and on it's way to Oprah and Lucy!

And while we wait to see if April's box has grabbed their attention, we roll up our sleeves and start making arrangements for May's package.

Orange you excited to see what it'll be?



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