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Roll Up Your Sleeves, Oprah!

Hope springs eternal which is one of the reasons I wake up most days enthusiastic about all the possibilities that the day will hold.

Today I am hopeful about mailing Shine Box #3 to Oprah Winfrey and Lucy Kaylin.

In January Oprah used O Magazine to declare "2014 Your Year to Shine". We, of course, agreed and immediately decided to use the year as a way of telling Oprah about the ways the House of Shine works to help others shine.

We decided on sending Oprah and her Executive Editor, Lucy Kaylin, one care package a month for twelve months.

Package #1 was an introduction to our community and to our concept of #Hello Yello, including of course a Hello Yello tee for each of them.

Package #2 was a box inside a box inside a box, ultimately revealing a vintage rotary phone (yellow) and an invitation to attend next month’s Box of Shine party.

And though we haven’t received Oprah and Lucy’s RSVPs to our party yet, it is with hope that we continue trying to catch their attention by shipping off Package #3. Today!

This month’s package is an inside look at our Shineworks program. We created a booklet describing the countless ways we repurpose everyday household items to spread shine in our corners of the world.

We shared example after example, beginning with bottle caps turned into mini holiday piñatas for children at a hospital and ending with the picture you see above - an old pair of jeans turned into utility belts for Oprah and Lucy.

But our utility belts are not just any utility belts. They are crafting utility belts stuffed with hot glue guns, Modge Podge, an Exacto Blade, pipe cleaners, Sharpie Markers, and lots more. 

That’s because we are hopeful, by providing them with the DYI materials they could possibly need, that Lucy and Oprah will accept our challenge to participate in next month’s Shineworks project.

Stay tuned.

And by the way, we are hopeful you will participate too. Tune in on April 1 to discover next month’s featured Shineworks item.

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Hello Oprah: Month One, Box One

Part of the fun of being on a journey is enjoying the trip with people you love.

We are on a journey to get featured in O Magazine and we can't think of anyone we would rather share it with than you. Many of you have been loyal friends and fans of the House of Shine for years. Others have just recently started visiting, but your shared interest in powering the planet with shine has made us kindred spirits immediately.

Our journey started years ago when we first hatched the idea for the House of Shine and have worked every day since to develop programs, projects, products, workshops, and regular blog posts that help connect people with their essential selves. Their life's purpose. Their shine.

And now we're taking a slight turn, a small detour of sorts.

Oprah proclaimed 2014 as "Your Year to Shine" on the cover of her January edition of O Magazine.

We couldn't resist the urge to agree. To yell, "Hear, hear!" and to show Oprah and her team all the tireless ways we work to help others shine.

So we decided to send her a package a month

for the entire year.

Each package featuring one of our different offerings

and each package bigger and more grand than the one before it.

You helped, through our post Six Degrees of Separation, to identify the staff person to whom our box should be addressed. And, after all of your suggestions, we settled on Oprah, care of Lucy the Editor in Chief.

This first package was an introduction to the House of Shine and to our concept of "Hello Yello".

Or as we put it… Hello Yello-prah!

So we filled her first box with

Yellow tissue paper

Yellow crinkle

Two Hello Yello t-shirts (one for Lucy, one for Oprah),

a handwritten note from me,

and a deck of cards, featuring yellow items (think rubber duck, bananas, yellow crayons, etc…) and our slogan which reads, "Yellow is the Universe's way of reminding you to shine."

We sealed the box with yellow tape

and covered the outside with stickers that our sure to catch the attention of the mailroom.

And sent it Priority Mail on Friday evening at 5:30 p.m.

Now we wait.

But not really, because we are already cooking up ideas for the next box we are mailing in mid-February. It's an invitation to our Annual Box of Shine party.

Whatever happens, we're so glad you are part of our exciting and suspense-filled journey

Because, really, more than the destination, it's the journey that matters.

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